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Under the theme
Toward Creating Value to All Stakeholders

12 - 13 December 2023
Four Seasons Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Launched in March 2022, the 1st edition of OPEXKSA shed the light on the most important topics that support operational excellence with the participation of prominent speakers and experts within the field from all over the world and the presence of leading government bodies.
Riyadh will host the 2nd edition of OPEXKSA with more in-depth topics and focus on the performance of leading government bodies within operational excellence, with the participation of more than 100 leaders and experts. The 2nd edition will include more than 10 topics sharing insight on key sectors such as health, education, IT, entertainment and other vital sectors, which in their entirety serve the strategic objectives of Vision 2030.  
Organizations in pursuit of Operational Excellence are characterized by managing their business and operational processes systematically and invest in developing the right culture. 2023 Operational Excellence trends predict that more and more organizations are looking for more holistic solutions to drive transformation. The focus will be on:
Operational Discipline icon
A process-focused approach and a mind-set shift in organizations to build the right culture of Operational Discipline.
Seamless collaboration icon
Seamless collaboration in hybrid work set-ups, efficiency of teams and connected workers
Process automation, application of AI and immersive customer experiences.
Process simulation: turning insights into foresights will be the next natural step for rapid and sustainable process improvement
OPEXksa will include the participation of more than

shedding the light on their successful experiences within different spheres and industries to achieve operational excellence

Enhancing digital transformation and its role in organizations strategies

Enhancing understanding of the importance of digital transformation in achieving operational excellence

Exploring the latest innovations in digital transformation and their role in enhancing organization strategies

Focus on the development and acceleration of digital transformation as a key pillar for growth and development
Leveraging experiences and exchanging expertise in operational excellence

Highlighting best practices in operational excellence across different sectors

Facilitating the exchange of ideas and knowledge in the field of operational excellence
The role of artificial intelligence, the fourth industrial revolution, and the importance of data in business differentiation

Exploring advancements in artificial intelligence and its impact on operational excellence in organizations 

Utilizing data as a tool to support improvement decisions and enable digital transformation in businesses
Cementing sustainable development and enhancing economic performance

Strengthening financial sustainability in logistics and industrial sectors to ensure effective economic performance

Emphasizing the role of sustainability and performance excellence in enhancing global competitiveness and achieving sustainable development.
Target Audience

Public Sector
  • Government ministry officials
  • Executives and employees in governmental authorities
  • Officials in government institutions and development funds
Private Sector
  • Managers and employees in the technology sector
  • Consulting experts and strategic consultants
  • Representatives from companies operating in logistics services
  • Stakeholders in various industries
  • Officials and employees in telecommunications companies
  • Investment funds and related financial institutions
  • Employees in development funds and investment companies
  • Officials in financial institutions
  • CEOs and executives of companies
  • Supervisors and members of leadership teams
  • Individuals participating in strategic planning and performance management
  • Operations and maintenance engineers in various sectors
  • Public safety engineers and occupational health and safety specialists
  • Strategic and economic consultants
  • Researchers and academics in fields related to operational excellence


HE. Prof. Abdulfattah Mashat
Vice Minister Ministry of Hajj and Umrah

Dr. Abdulaziz Alshaibani
Deputy Minister for Water, MEWA

Eng. Hisham Abdulmalik AlSheikh
Vice Governor of Shared Services, Digital Government Authority

Khaled Aldegaither
Deputy & Advisor to HE the Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing
Strategic Partner